A New Creation

First of all, I realize that many reading this blog may have known me for years. Even up until as recent as months ago, I was carnally minded. I certainly did not believe in the sufficiency of scripture in EVERY facet of life. I felt that there were some areas of my life where I was going to maintain control, rather than allowing God to be Lord over everything.
My goal now is to allow God to be Lord over everything, and apply His word to all things. I would like to reflect on many of these convictions on this site. Please understand that I am not judging any of you in your lifestyles, but I am urging everyone to weigh their lifestyles in light of what God desires for you. He offers so many blessings for you and your family, but it all may seem so strange for all of you that have lived not only so as to please people in this world, rather than God, but have also lived primarily to please yourself. This, all in the midst of fooling yourself into thinking that you are living a holy life. I know where you're at. I was there recently, and I was convicted of my appetites and sins, and I'm now working to turn from it all. I want to show you how to do the same.
All for the Glory of God - that's what Soli Deo Gloria means. The elect of God, those who are truly saved and will enter into the gates of heaven, will definitely show particular signs of change and will evidence the 'fruits' - works of goodness - as they mature into the new creation that Jesus is creating in their lives. Live so as to glorify God, and that alone, brothers and sisters. There is no other way.


My first post

Greetings to all! This is my first post, and I'm sure it's the last that will fail to challenge everyone's resolve - Christian and non-believer alike. I aim to present God's word on this blog, and my viewpoints from God's word are known to irritate even Christians. Hold on to your hats.