Debatable Convictions

I'm glad that many of my brethren have mighty convictions against the ways of the world. Unfortunately, not all Christians have the same convictions, especially as it relates to debatable matters. How then do we approach such matters, especially when it pertains to believers in your own church. Here's some advice...

  1. In all things, love.
  2. Where scripture speaks strongly, so we also should speak strongly.
  3. Where scripture speaks lightly, so we also should speak lightly.
  4. Don't make excuses for your own sin. Our own self-righteousness will often masquerade as an excuse to summarily excuse others from your love and grace. Remember, the standard by which you judge others will become the standard by which you are judged, and if you refuse to forgive, you might not be forgiven yourself. Always be careful to examine your own heart and motives before talking to others about their behaviors or lifestyles. Unfortunately, I know this one from experience.
  5. If you have children that you do not want to expose to particular elements, if you do not believe that they can be raised in a manner that they should be, or if you yourself are being harmed by the body you are fellowshipping with, you must first confront others about things that you feel strongly about, especially if there is any basis in the scriptures at all for your convictions (is there any other way???). If others are completely unwilling to respect your convictions or the concerns you have for your family and/or if they are completely unwilling to examine themselves, you may need to limit the people that your family fellowships with, or even find a different church. Holiness is no joke, for those that love our Lord. He wants us to "...offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God--this is your spiritual act of worship."
  6. Love is patient, love is kind... (look it up... emulate it).