Do Not Be Conformed To The World

I'd like to address some issues that the church is dealing with. I'm probably not going to talk much about such topics as abortion and homosexuality, because they're obvious - if you don't believe so, then you are simply not taking the full counsel of God's word into consideration. I might brush briefly on these topics, but only to show God's word, briefly mention the original language, then shut the door on the debate for good.

Instead, I'd like to address what may seem to be debatable issues, but are really areas where I think God addresses them clearly: television, movies, age-segregated activities/learning, sports, sound doctrine, theonomy (theos+nomos; God's law applies for all ages), predestination, modesty, qualifications for elders, careers for mothers, submission of wives to husbands, and many, many more difficult topics.

The holy scriptures of God need to be our guide through life. In fact, one of the main purposes of the Holy Spirit in our lives is to guide us through God's word and properly understand it. When we reject God's word so that we may replace it with pragmatism or fleshly desire, then we are doing Satan's will, who loves to distort and twist scripture for his own devices. Sola scriptura, bretheren - 'only by scripture' - should we learn about the nature of our Devine Creator and learn what His will is for our lives. Ignoring God's will in our lives is nothing but vanity, fleshliness, licentiousness, and blasphemy. In all things, there should be NO COMPROMISE. Compromise is like opening the door to your household 'just a crack' to see what the world holds, and before you know it the demons of hell are dancing in your living room. Trust me, I know from experience. My goal is to show you all how compromise and deceit do nothing but destroy your relationship with God. My prayer and hope is that this blog becomes edifying to you, rather than causing some of you to burn in your flesh all the more. This is all very difficult to deal with, but we need to learn how to put off the old man and put on Christ.

I think I'll start with one of my favorite rants: television and movies.

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Paul W. said...

Hey brother, I ran across you on the Puritanboard, I'm Pilgrim's Progeny. I noticed you were from Youngsville, NC. We used to be out at Wake Forest ourselves, SEBTS 2003-2005. I look forward to reading your blog as you continue. Looks like your off to a good start. I am right there with you on the issues you bring up. Press on!