Oh, The Stupidity of It All (a.k.a., Politics)

I recently read an article in a "mainstream" newspaper (online) that bemoaned a failing democratic candidate's run for Senate in NC. With typical aplomb for liberal values and a push to detail the unfairness of the Republicans, the article was obviously slanted for the Democrat, decrying that the deep pockets of the Grand Old Party was the only reason why the Democratic candidate was doing so poorly in the polls. It "obviously" had nothing to do with a failing economy, nor any of the other socialist ideals that have been crammed down the public's throats... no, it was all about money. Normally I would just shrug this off as yet another sign that most of the mainstream media is firmly in the pocket of the leftists (except Fox, which is equally as much in the pockets of the conservatives), but there is something inherently confounding in the midst of the author's logic: money buys political position. Worse yet, image and marketing buys votes.

What really concerns me about this logic is the idiocy underlying the idea that voters are looking for a candidate that "seems" or "looks" like the office, desperately hoping that their values are represented by one candidate or another, but really hoping that one guy looks the part more so than the other. Thus, really cool looking candidates in sun glasses playing the sax on Late Night... commercials that denigrate the opposition, and shine the light on tag-lines that represent the best candidate since John Lennon... mailers with all the graphic depictions of political sartorial delights, pronouncing both the genius of one candidate and poo-pooing the other candidate in every way possible (but hardly ever detailing the positions and platform of either candidate)... voters that believe the lies and promises of every candidate, while failing to simply read their position on issues... oh, and those really cool signs that you see EVERYWHERE. How nice.

I'd love just once to have a test for every voter in the largest elections at all levels (full term), not as an entry exam to allow them to vote, but just to see who really understands all of the issues at hand, and whether or not they understand each candidate's positions in those matters. I bet it would be similar to the street polls that were taken before the presidential election... NOT A SINGLE PERSON UNDERSTOOD WHAT OBAMA STOOD FOR, nor did they understand anything about any of our most powerful representatives in our country... (they certainly knew all about the dirt that was reported in the media, though)...


COME ON. How does anyone get elected? Because "I like Democrats"... They pay my bills... or, I like Republicans... they let me buy assault weapons... or whatever asinine logic most voters use! Most people have no idea what their chosen party stands for. I'm sure that the republican voters are equally as ignorant. Poll 10 people about which party is more closely aligned with "redistribution of wealth", or which party is more closely aligned with the "rights of the unborn", and you'll get all sorts of answers.

I challenge everyone out there to get the vote out based on RESEARCH. That's right, with something this important, y'all need to get off your soft couches, put the remote down, and go research the party platforms, the candidate positions on important issues, and make an informed decision based on who would benefit your country the most... not who would best benefit you, or your Aunt Mae, or even your kids. And don't vote on who looks the part, or who is more cool... you might as well hand the country over to Jessie Ventura or someone else equally qualified to mess up everything. Who would be the best leader in the manner that they are supposed to lead based on the constitution of your country and/or state, and the definitions of the position for which they are running? Look it up. Educate yourself for once, rather than just voting a party line. Vote responsibly for once. PLEASE.

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